Thursday, October 06, 2016

Auckland holiday- arrival

These hols I am having a wee sojourn to explore a little of Auckland. It started off a little slowly with a delayed flight out of Palmy, but eventually I was airborne and leaving Manawatu.

I had a window seat, and the cloud stayed away long enough to see one of our meandering rivers below. But then cloud became our companion below.

I was glad to find some sunshine in Auckland as they have had so much heavy rain lately. I was very happy as soon as I saw my Aparthotel room, as it has lovely windows that let in plenty of light, and there is a bit of a park I look out at, near Vector Arena. And even better, I can see the view even when I am resting my feet up on the bed!
 Once I had settled in I took a bit of a walk downtown.

I got an ATHop card so I can get around on public transport easily, then headed towards the Wynyard Quarter down by the harbour.
Many expensive boats around as it is a Boat Show week. Looked amazing, but hard to reconcile such luxury with the homelessness and inadequate /expensive housing so many endure in this city.
 There is always so much to see and explore in the Wynyard Quarter.

 I noticed a City Link bus stop nearby so caught it and used my Hop card successfully for the first time to get to Queen St. So many contrasts. The Sky Tower and St Patrick's Cathedral, and road cones...

I made my way back to the hotel via Countdown with a couple of bags of groceries to see me through... Now to get ready for tomorrow's adventure...

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