Friday, October 07, 2016

Homeward Bound

Finally after a week in Auckland, it was time to head back to Palmy. I woke to see the little park outside my window for the last time, and the ground outside was looking wet once more-

 I haven't had a very good record of arriving/leaving Auckland Airport on time lately, but today's flight ran to schedule...
 We got to watch a few other planes leave before we did.
There was a bit of the landscape to see as we left Auckland, but it wasn't long before we entered cloud.

 I was lucky to be on the left hand window side to get a view of Ruapehu as we passed by.
 We emerged from the cloud in time to get some lovely views of the Manawatu countryside as we descended,

 and we could pick out houses over Palmy.
I had a lovely refreshing break in Auckland, but back at home the first thing I was aware of was the birdsong- especially the tuis going crazy in the kowhai tree in the backyard. So I love being home in my own house as well...

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