Thursday, October 06, 2016

Coast to Coast Walk

The weather forecast was looking dodgy but I decided to head off on the Coast to Coast walk this morning anyway, heading towards Onehunga. Yellow signs going my way and blue ones coming towards me. No sunshine photos today sorry, but the walk took me through some lovely parts of Auckland- congrats to those who worked out the route.
 First climb of the morning was up to Emily Place towards part of the university. This stiff little climb quickly reminded me that I have been pretty much limited to leisurely walks on the flat lately back home in Palmy!

I was walking in historical parts of early European settlement in Auckland from the outset.
I headed downhill again near parts of Auckland dominated by roads, then up into the Domain, where I was pleased to find a public toilet when I needed one!
I was glad to be on my feet mostly in quieter streets and parks as I walked over the (Grafton?) overbridge. 

I walked past Auckland Grammar and was in a very expensive part of the city. Nearby the school was this very simple house, not too different in size and era to my own, but I imagine its price tag would be ten times as much.

Next came the highlight- walking up to the top of Mt Eden, and walking around the old volcanic crater rim. The views weren't 'pretty' with the overcast and drizzly conditions, but the whole place was so atmospheric. How fierce the eruptions must have been once from that crater. And so many other peaks were visible from on top, including Rangitoto where I hope to go soon.

Then it was down that peak, to head over towards Cornwall Park and One Tree Hill. I missed a sign after Auckland Teacher's College in the rain, and ended up on a much busier road for a while, but I guess that's the true Auckland too.
Cornwall Park was lovely, and like other parks I'd walked in/near today, needs proper exploration all by itself. I was glad to see some of the sheep I had read about, so close to the CBD, with the bonus being that there were lambs too. 

These last shots were taken while sheltering under my umbrella, and I was starting to feel a bit damp, albeit warm. So I never went to the summit, but instead headed down towards Royal Oak where I found lovely shelter and company at a bus stop. Then it was back to the CBD. Strava tells me I did 13.8km, and it was a satisfying walk with lots of interesting sights along the way.

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