Monday, December 26, 2011

Te Mata Peak

Yesterday I was up in Havelock North for Christmas, and took the opportunity to drive up Te Mata Peak. It was quite a revelation: I had no idea what wonderful views awaited me- a 360 degree wonderland.

In the distance here, if you look carefully amongst the clouds, Mt Ruapehu is poking through, with a bit of snow still on the top.

 I loved the view over these cliffs, with the ribbon of the river below, and the blue, blue sea beyond.

 These cattle around the waterholes just looked like tiny ants below...

 Another view showing some of the coastline north towards Mahia.

 It was mainly overseas tourists getting a quick view yesterday. (I overheard some of them talking about whether something might be 'open later'- oops, did nobody warn them about Christmas Day...)

 Some more tourists posing with a hill view behind.

I really did love the view of the river below, with the ocean beyond.

And a 360 view from the top...


  1. Yes, I agree. We have some great views here, but I think this is a bit of a 'secret' one that the people of the region don't blab about. But it's stunning!

  2. What lovely scenery! The view of the river and the sea is great!


  3. I was surprised I hadn't heard about this beautiful view before Michèle. Good to know there are still surprises to discover not too far from home!