Monday, December 12, 2011

346: weeds & seeds

Gardening is not my forte..... weeds have become seeds to become weeds..... I will be busy in the garden these hols, but it's too little too late...


  1. Very pretty- in someone else's garden.

    I fear we come from the same school of gardening- I don't garden I just pull weeds.

  2. Hahahaha you've described me to a T Allanah- always something else I can think of that I would rather do!

  3. That should say "a year to weed, seven to seed."

  4. ooh a verse is springing to mind... "s year to seed, seven to weed"... Sure wish I lived closer - I LOVE gardening, I even enjoy weeding! I do apply a thick mulch each year to keep the weeds down though - about 200 barrow loads this year I think....
    Another thought on the weeds though "weeds are just plants we choose not to like" and I actually quite like the dandelion flower....