Tuesday, December 27, 2011

361: wind turbines

Whenever I do the Manawatu Gorge walk, I always feel like I am walking in forest that is quite wide, and I feel a long way away from the everyday world. But such is not quite the case. There's an extra lookout since I was last at the Woodville end of the Manawatu Gorge walk- that gives you a view over these wind turbines. And there is a very short walk off the track to reach the viewpoint. Things are not always what they seem!


  1. Oh I remember these so well... a fantastic shot!

    Tell me, Kiwi, do we only have 4 more posts to look forward to, or are you going to keep going in 2012? I hope so!

  2. Alexia...definitely only 4 more. I have learned a lot from having to look for a shot every day, but will be glad I don't have to do it on January 1st! I do have another blog I put photos on periodically though, plus I will blog later in the year when I have returned from walking in France, and will put up lots of photos.

  3. Well I can certainly understand that you are looking forward to letting this responsibility go. Thank you ever so much for allowing me to get to know your region of NZ better and other regions too! I will miss opening up "celebrate the year" every morning.


  4. Yes, many days it has been easy to take a photo, but especially on work days, sometimes it has been hard! When I am out and about, walking in the summertime, it is easy.