Saturday, December 31, 2011

365: looking ahead to 2012

Well, I had hoped to end the year and this 365 blog with a beautiful sunny landscape- but rain seems to be our lot today, so you are getting an indoor shot to finish. But though you may not be looking at a sunny landscape, this is a 'looking forward' shot to the Chemins I plan to walk in France in 2012. Eventually, on the Festina Lente blog that I will compile, mainly after I get home again, you will see some of the sunny and not-so-sunny landscapes that I walk through. (And if it seems too long to wait for the blog from the new Chemins, here is the retrospective blog about my first Chemin/Camino in 2008.)

Last night I had two friends staying the night, who plan to walk the Camino Frances in a few months time, so we were comparing equipment for 'packing'. New adventures call us into 2012...

Well, it's been a great adventure, but this blog is now 'ended'. I will leave it here -as is where is- for another month or so, then will merge it with my 'occasional' Kiwinomad blog. See you over there sometime perhaps. One blog may have ended, but it seems I am an inveterate blogger, in one place or another, and you won't get rid of me just because 365/365 has arrived!


  1. Well there it is the last of the 365 "Celebrating each day in 2011". Thank you Kiwi Nomad, I learned a lot about your country and life from your photos and comments. I would like to think I know you better but that would be too presumptive of me. I wish you a wonderful year 2012 full of adventures, joy and accomplishments! I will every once in a while peak at Festina Lente and Kiwi Nomad's Wanderings to see if there are any new postings.


  2. Michèle.... we will have to manage to meet up again one day in France. Meanwhile, when Festina Lente comes 'on stream'.. I'll just be making you wish you were in France!