Monday, December 19, 2011

353: Mt Cleese & Anzac Park

You don't always get what I 'plan' on this #365 jaunt. I was heading to the dump to take some green waste- don't panic- it gets turned into compost. It wasn't supposed to be my 'photo opportunity', but then I was reminded of the Mt Cleese sign, which has quite a story attached to it.

Actually, you do get quite a good view back down the river from this 'mountain' as well...

Next I planned to drive up the hill to Anzac Park, to check out exactly how hilly and strenuous the track looked from a walker's point of view. (Quite steep was my verdict.) And you were going to get a landscape view here on #365 from the viewpoint over the city. But there was some unforeseen action up there: several policeman were using the spot to train their dogs. So of course, you have to get a couple of pics of that instead!

The dog's aim was clearly to 'disrobe' his assailant's arm of the protective sleeve- and he did that with gusto, quite successfully.


  1. Great action shots! I LOVE the story behind the sign! Hope you are getting ready for a magic Christmas!

  2. Just concentrating on remedying the Jungle of a Garden that I have at present. Love the choices I have about how to use time this week- holidays-yum!

  3. Kudos to your City Council!


  4. Yeah, it's a great story. Clearly Cleese was in a bad mood when he hit our city!

  5. Awesome post...Somehow..I think Cleese would like this! Love the dog pics...the second one is amazing!

  6. I think if Cleese had really objected to it, the lawyers would have demanded its removal by now;-) The dog was really going for it. I would hate to be an escaping offender that he was trying to bring down!