Tuesday, December 06, 2011

340: Art Expo

There's a wonderful event at school this week: the Art Expo. All our parents, grandparents, locals and anyone at all who is interested can come along to see it in the Hall. Floor to ceiling art. Magnificent. Here's a peak at our little New Entrant corner.


  1. Pretty good and very colourful.

  2. Wonderful! It is interesting to see that there have obviously been themes,probably by class I imagine. birds, kiwis, butterflies, and lots of other very colourful art! I love it! I am curious about the dollies or puppets at the front.


  3. Yes, each year the themes vary a bit Michèle, depending on the topics studied. The puppets have a stick in the middle, and their heads have stuffing in them covered by the foot part of pantyhose or old leggings. The children love using them and can't wait to take them home!