Saturday, July 01, 2006

Rozel camping ground

Yesterday I was up very early to leave Bonnelles at 6am with my friend who was on her way to work. We took a car to Orsay-Ville then the RER which I hopped off to join the metro to get to Gare Montparnasse for a trip to St Malo. I had no idea at this stage whether it was possible to get to Jersey the same day or not, but it all worked out and I am happily installed in the Rozel camping ground.

At St Malo a friendly bus driver helped me get off the bus at the right stop for a short walk to the ferry terminal. As my pack has a pile of Loire brochures etc I need to post home, as well as the 3kg tent at present, I was glad not to have to walk far!It wasn't too long before I was able to check my luggage through to Jersey, leaving me time to have a quick look around St Malo. The old town has been largely rebuilt after heavy bombardment in the war. The cathedral has a beautiful modern rose window. It also had an exhibition by a photographer, with text mostly from Acts teamed with photographs of where Paul passed on his last voyage to Rome. I found the exhibition inspiring.

The ferry sailing was very smooth and before I knew it, my clock was set back an hour and I was in an English speaking land! I wanted to go to Rozel camping ground as I knew it was near St Martin's parish where a family grave was. At the terminal I was told there were hardly any buses to St Martin's (not true: they run at least every hour in summer) so I took a taxi. Probably easier at that early evening hour I guess and I was soon happily esconced in my rural camping ground. The camping price is a shock after the cheap prices in France, but the people running the camp are absolutely lovely and I know I will enjoy staying there.

I had time in the evening still to make my way to St Martin's churchyard where I found the grave of my great great grandparents, Thomas Payn and Elizabeth Mourant. Maurice, a cousin, had videoed it some ten years ago so I knew what kind of headstone I was looking for. Very special to find it. It records the names of several children who had died young as well, a sad fact of those times.

This morning I was woken again by birdsong close above my head. It will be hard to get used to sleeping inside again after all this camping!

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