Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bonne Nuit to Greve De Lecq

This morning was my last walk in Jersey and I am nearly ready to go back to the campsite, do a bit of laundry and start packing up ready for Ireland in the
The buses in Jersey are great for getting to isolated bays and that is probably a large part of the reason I have stayed so long! This morning I caught a bus to
Bonne Nuit Bay on the northern coast and walked back along to Greve de Lecq. It was partly cloudy but a good temperature for walking. The rocky cliff scenes
are dramatic without being too scary. This morning I passed what was recently found to be the site of a hermit's kind of monastery, and they found Iron Age
implements there as well. They were more reminders of the long settlement in this island (which used to be joined to France and has not always been so isolated an island.) I don't think I told you that there were a
few volcanoes here millions of years ago!
Yesterday morning started off quite wet but the day fined up well by the afternoon. In the morning I was faced with the choice of whether to sit in my tent and be bored, or head to the Durrell Zoo despite the rain.
I am glad I went to the Zoo, as it never rained much longer anyhow. The Zoo is not a normal zoo really: they focus on animals that they are studying for
conservation purposes. I especially loved watching the orangutans with their babies. I was quite blown away by the size of one of the gorillas. There were
some beautiful pink Chilean flamingoes which all seemed to be standing on one leg with their necks nestled on their backs to sleep. And the poison dart
frogs they had were dramatic.
Next posting will be from Ireland!


  1. We're still here following your trip Margaret. You have just missed the disappointment which must be sweeping France after the world cup.
    Thought you were going to ditch the tent after cycling was over? Cheapest accomodation in expensive countries tho. Ireland will be very touristy I imagine...
    Still on my own here and we're all sick, so your holiday is a cheer up read!

  2. I have ditched the tent this morning on leaving Jersey. Jersey is really expensive! I figure it will be wet and windy in Ireland - too much for a broken tent! Sitting in Gatwick now between flights!

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