Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Emerald Green

This morning I was glad I had decided to stay another day in Glendalough as the day was brilliantly fine and too good to waste sitting in buses.
I decided to take the walk up the Glenealo Valley again and then along the Spinc, as I had enjoyed the views so much the other day. I was sweating profusely by 10am as I zigzagged up the hill: it must have been mid to high 20s already - again something I didn't really expect in Ireland.

The morning colours were just brilliant. There wasn't a breath of wind and the trees were reflected in the still lake. The sun was behind me and the sky ahead was a stunning blue at that earlier hour, a colour I had not seen in European skies before. The bushes were an emerald green, the sort you associate with Ireland.

I met a guide on the mountain top who said such a run of fine days was unusual here. Two other Irish people told me that the mist can sit in the valley here for days so that there is no view. So I guess I have missed seeing Glendalough when the mist adds a sense of mystery to the monastic ruins, but I think I am happy that I have been able to enjoy the views!

The lack of wind is causing a problem on the south coast apparently as there is supposed to be a huge yachting regatta, but the unthinkable has happened and there is no wind!


  1. I'm still following you - it sounds fantastic. As you say - fancy needing sunblock in Ireland! Are you taking lots of pics? 1.5 days till Brent gets back now. Feeling very tired - Shannon has given up day sleeps (at nearly 2)Quite different to Patrick. So there is little escape from the wee tackers.

  2. I am taking lots of pics. It will cost me a fortune to get them developed so I am trying not to take too many!!!!
    Brent will be glad to be so wanted! Active girl that Shannon: she was sleeping most of the day away when I saw her. How things change!