Sunday, July 23, 2006


When you were brought up in the Catholic school system in New Zealand, you know a lot of people of Irish ancestry. I keep seeing "doubles" of people I know. I have been nearly ready to call out to one or two. So this afternoon in the supermarket queue when it seemed like I was behind someone I knew a little bit as a fellow teacher in Palmie, I thought I was seeing a "double" again. Then she spoke. It was the teacher I knew from Palmie, here on a one year work visa. Small world!!!!!


  1. yes. I have met people from Ireland who look the spitting image of family..
    we (Cotters) are from that area i think.
    are you still riding? what did you do with the bike? ( I may have missed it..)

  2. I gave the friend away to a friend who lives near Paris and who had a really old bike. She has some great routes to ride near where she lives in forest and through countryside. She is loving having a good bike to do it on.
    I have been walking lots one way and another though in Jersey and Ireland. I am hoping to hire a bike occasionally in Ireland and still have my helmet. I hoped to hire a bike for one or two days in Kilkenny but discovered the only bikes available were men's mountain bikes. After my wonderful French bike it was easy to decide "No way" to one of those!
    By the way, the broken chain guard I got was my fault completely, not a bike malfunction: I had decided to dismount on a very steep section and fell off the last bit instead!!!!