Sunday, July 09, 2006

Corbiere Lighthouse

Last night a British couple in a nearby tent invited me to join them to go to some youth theatre in a park in St Helier. The young people did really well doing something written by Salman Rushdie. They especially shone in the second half when they had noisy competition from a large group of young people who arrived in the park drinking, many of them already very drunk at 8.30pm. The young actors just lifted their game and poured even more energy into what they were doing, ignoring those nearby, who eventually all left. The young people acting were clearly well rehearsed and showed a lot of team spirit carrying on in difficult circumstances.

This morning I caught a bus into town then another to Corbiere Lighthouse. As it was low tide I was able to walk out across the causeway and sit near the lighthouse. It was a lovely sunny morning with just the slightest of breezes and the views up and down the coast were glorious. Lots of people were out enjoying the peace of the morning.

I then followed the Corbiere walk, or as everyone local seems to name it, the railway walk, as it follows a path that long ago had a railway. I left the track at St Brelade's though and went and had another look at the stained glass we saw in the church yesterday. The extensive (at low tide!) beach at St Brelade's is a glorious golden colour and the view is marvellous, especially on a sunny clear day like today. Then after lunch I caught a bus to the "Glass Church". Luckily the bus driver realised it was closed on Saturday for cleaning so I carried on into town, where all the people are shopping. Time to head back to the campsite and walk to a dolmen I have heard is nearby, then it might nearly be time to see Rozel Bay at a higher tide than I have so far. The tidal range in Jersey is huge.

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