Monday, July 17, 2006

More Glendalough walks

This morning it was glorious and sunny again and today I took the precaution of putting on more sunblock after getting a little bit burned yesterday! (Not something I was expecting to have to do in Ireland to be honest!!!)

With Patricia, my young German room-mate at the hostel I did a couple more walks. I had actually intended to be a bit lazier today, but somehow these hills just call you on upwards so you can enjoy the views. We began on the Orange 'Derrybawn Woodland Trail'. I enjoyed looking at St Saviour's church ruins which had Romanesque bits of carving still visible. Then there was a climb up a road past where they are getting rid of the conifers to try and get the forest back to what was originally native in this area.

We had some lovely views down the valley. A bit later as we descended, we came to a seat that overlooked the Upper Lake so we sat there and contemplated the view in the sunshine. A great way to spend part of a day!

After enjoying lunch under a tree near the Upper Lake we headed off on a walk that I had assumed for some reason was easy. (That wasn't actually what the map indicated, but it really wasn't too difficult, it was just that it was hot walking by now!) We headed off uphill on the Woodland Rd, that took us over into the Glendasan Valley with its river. The river track joined onto the walk that is the pilgrimage walk of St Kevin that people can do.

I have decided to stay here another day. I want to repeat yesterday's walk as I really enjoyed the track and the views, then I might head onto the St Kevin's track a little.

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