Monday, April 28, 2014

Some more random Melbourne pics

A few more random Melbourne pics from my wanderings...

 Coming back down Bourke St- an Italian restaurant. At first I thought it looked French.

 Graffiti in Hosier Lane. A bit of a feature on some Melbourne walls. 

A variation on the graffiti theme for Easter

 More graffiti near the Rose St Saturday market

Cat guarding his home down St Kilda way

 Walking down St Kilda Pier

 Starfish down the St Kilda breakwater, not far from where I saw a blue penguin and a native rat.

After some exploration on the tram for Kew- past some Jewish areas of Melbourne with schools and synagogues, I took the quick trip back to town on the train from Glenferrie.


  1. I'm really enjoying your photos - all the more so as I was in Melbourne in these holidays last year (they were earlier, of course).
    I've had lunch at 'Society' - very yummy pizza.
    And every time I've been at St Kilda (4), the sky has been exactly like that!

  2. Thanks Alexia. I've got a friend who has quite a connection with Melbourne and she is enjoying them as well. I think most days have been cloudy- the two summer skirts I packed haven't been worn! But it's not been too hot or cold, and only a little bit wet, so I have been quite fortunate.