Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Down by the Yarra

In the afternoon I headed off down to the Yarra River area- another area bustling with people and full of interest.
 In the midst of all the trams and car traffic, they still find room for some horse-drawn carts.
 So much to see in the juxtaposition of buildings when you look up- these were on Swanston St I think, though I might be muddled...
 Flinders St station- from where I will catch a train to Sandringham to see my cousins.
 On a footbridge over the Yarra. Looks a bit like the padlock theme from a bridge in Paris is being copied here- except having these on wire means they are not so easy to read.

On a dull drizzly day, the lights from the railway station reflected rather nicely on the Yarra.

Despite the rain, I really enjoyed this day wandering in the city. Walked far enough to give myself sore feet, and you have only seen a taste of my photos here. (The thing about having an umbrella is, it gives protection for your camera!) Off to the Zoo and to see my cousins today...


  1. Second photo is in Collins Street near Swanston Street.

    1. I get confused when I go in the doorway on one street and emerge on another!