Monday, April 28, 2014

Random Melbourne Pics

I've been walking lots in Melbourne- and taking trams. Here are a few random shots I like from some of my explorations.
 Up Bourke St, not far from my hotel

 At first I thought it was the same sign, moved to a different place to get the ANZAC crowd. But comparing signs, I see we have different bikes, presumably placed in the same places daily...

 Some more old shops up Bourke St

 Sculptures galore on a walkway down by the Yarra

 Yarra view. Haven't taken a boat ride yet. Maybe later today? Or maybe next time...

On another Yarra sculpture, this time on Southbank

 Another Southbank sculpture. Everything looks better with blue blue skies!

 Bridge with sculptures, on this bridge that crosses back to Flinders St

For the trains- above Flinders St station


  1. You will end up knowing Melbourne better than I do. The sculptures on the bridge, second last photo, move back and forth across the bridge. I can never perceive them moving though.

    1. Ok so there is another reason to visit Melbourne: find out how long it takes them to move from one side to the other!