Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Off to Melbourne

OK the Wanderer has returned to this blog- just for a week! I am having a 'city break' in Melbourne these hols.

Started off by driving down to Wellington from Palmy. Took a break at Paramata on what was a lovely Wellington day.

I arrived at the airport abundantly early- but you never know when you are going to experience hold-ups on that Wellington SH1 highway, especially on a holiday weekend- and if my Twitter feed is anything to go by, there were indeed some hold-ups. However, time passed quickly, with a visit from my nieces and their parents.
Finally I was on board and ready to leave...

Arrival to my hotel was hassle-free, with an airport bus to the main railway station, followed by a free hotel transfer in a smaller bus. And now I am ensconced on the 16th floor with a semi-view.  The room is very comfortable, and the service from reception was wonderful, very friendly.

I am quite tired. It was an early start NZ time, and my body is two hours ahead... so I just unpacked, and took a quick walk around the block. Turned out my block took me to Chinatown.

Lots of colour and people.... might return another night to eat there. But for now, it's snoozing time.... Catch you again tomorrow after I have done some exploring.

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  1. Enjoy! Melbourne is a favourite of mine - such a great city for walking!