Friday, January 03, 2014

Practise 2

Inserting pics should be simple!



  1. No thumbnails show, but the photos do when clicked on. Does your app do the thumbnails like the main blogger does?
    Log in - Our top bar has disappeared too. We clicked 'Blogger' at the bottom of the whole blog page and bookmarked it in our frustration.
    Happy New Year

    1. I see the photos like normal on my page- I don't usually have thumbnails the way I have Blogger set up.
      Ahhh so everyone's top bar has gone. I worked out that I can sign in via the general Google page- if I go to Blogger as one of the dropdown options. That will be another step which might be annoying when away and internet is slow or time is short. But at least I have worked out how to do it!
      Happy New Year to you both.

    2. Our add blocking was working overtime. It had flagged blogsy as making you third party. Fliter changed and photos now seen. :-)

    3. Oh that is interesting. I might get rid of the blogsy thing at the bottom next time. Just about to head away out of town now, so there might be a post in a few days...