Sunday, January 12, 2014

Karekare to Piha

It was time to brave the Auckland Motorway system again to get to the west coast beaches, but there was less traffic on it than when I'd arrived, so I was less panicky about it.

The journey was much faster than I had imagined, so I drove down to Karekare beach en route. There is a modern sealed road now, though it is still a narrow road. In the past it must have been a difficult and somewhat perilous journey downhill.

But the beach was beautiful. The tide was low and it was a bit of a trek from the car park to the water.

Marram grass has always fascinated me, since the day I saw seed heads all rolling along the sand in a storm. They've been planted in Manawatu, but with limited success. They build dunes high and quickly, but can be subject to blow-out and quick disappearance. There were a lot of marram grass seed heads to fascinate me on dunes they've planted here. I wish them luck.


I've been surprised by how little driftwood I've seen, especially since there is so much forest nearby.

The iconic rock of Karekare.

It wasn't far to Piha, and there was a viewpoint at the top of the hill.

Piha beach is a lovely place to walk along.

Yesterday evening I stayed on the beach to watch the sunset over the ocean. This morning I was up early to walk, when it was mainly just surfers around. And this afternoon I put on togs to swim between the flags. Exhilarating- like a combo between a washing machine and a spa bath. Brought back many Taranaki childhood memories!


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  1. It's a beautiful beach, as is Karekare. I am always amazed at the huge amounts of driftwood you have on your beaches. We have virtually none on the Eastern Bay of Plenty beaches.