Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cape Reinga

I've been to Cape Reinga before, nearly the northern tip of the North Island, and a place of special significance for Maori, as they believe the spirits of the dead make their way along a pathway here into the sea, to return to their homeland of Hawaiki.

It felt almost like I was making a pilgrimage here, and I took my time in this place. I was glad of the many informative plaques around as well (though the limestone ones are eroding and are not so easy to read.) I had been wondering how Northland was formed, and why it was so hilly. To my surprise I found that huge amounts of the land were of volcanic origin. Some came from marine volcano remnants later pushed up, and lots of the sand had found its way north and was blown onto land later, after massive eruptions in the central North Island.

I felt quite at home with all the flax, after leaving the tuis behind on my flax at home.
And now to the 'meat' of it all. Last time I came here via a bus that allowed me to go via 90 Mile Beach, and to go sand slicing on the dunes, but it meant limited time at Cape Reinga. Today I took my time.
There was a mown path today up on the hill above the lighthouse, so I took it.

It gave superb views in all directions.

One of the things I love the most is that huge ocean currents meet here, from the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean in the east.

Last time I was here, it was overcast and drizzly. Today it was cloudy to begin with, but then the sun came out magnificently.

Seeing the place where the spirits are said to leap off from is very beautiful.

And then just to finish, I got distracted by the cicadas which were coming out noisily with the sunshine.



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