Thursday, January 09, 2014

A walk from the hotel

I'm staying at Takapuna Oaks Hotel, with a harbour view to die for. Even my ground floor 'garden' view apartment has a view of the harbour. Staff are friendly, and it's a short walk to where the Bayswater ferry departs. (This first photo is of the hotel, looking back at it from just down the road.)
The views back over to Auckland City are also pretty amazing.
There were kitesurfers in action on the harbour and jeepers they could move fast!
The nearby marina was full of yachts. Beautiful I know, but somehow they always remind me of the inequities in wealth here in NZ.
But I always love to see the 'working' boats.
From the ferry wharf you could see Devonport where my niece is to be married. If you look hard you can even see the church steeples...
And you get great views over to the city as well of course.

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