Sunday, March 03, 2013

TP 235: Letters and Numbers

I haven't done one of Carmi's themes for a while, but here is one for the most recent one, which is letters and numbers.

All of these photos were taken on a walk downtown this morning here in Palmy. First one was in the playground at Terrace End School- from the four square squares.

I surprised myself a little with what I took photos of next, as I am not a huge graffiti fan- but both the next sets of lettering amused me. Firstly there is the 'dentist' pair. The 'pain free' sign is part of the signage outside a dentist's place. Just outside the dentist's wall is this public seat, with its very own related graffiti.
Next three signs - it would usually annoy me that someone had defaced trees like this. (I guess this is down to it being Students' Orientation Week.) But this does have humour and a certain flair to it, though I hope the paint washes off with the rain. (Vain hope?) 

Of course, I saw lots of numbering for letterboxes and houses, but somehow it was this 'oldy but goody' example I wanted to photograph. The rust has more character and history than modern, pristine versions.

And just to finish, a sign with lettering that always seems quite 'out of place'. Most New Zealanders would have no idea this was a sign for an agency for rental properties...


  1. What a great selection of letters/numbers!

    1. Carmi's themes always seem to inspire me to 'variety' when I go out walking!