Sunday, March 03, 2013

Summer's End

On a walk downtown this morning, I saw some of the dryness of recent months, then also some early signs that autumn is arriving, and that this golden summer won't last forever...

These two photos are from the school near my place. 
Not much 'green' on this playground for the children at present.

And though there is cloud around this morning, the sky still has a deep summer blue.

The forecast was actually for 'showers' this morning- such a novelty- but they never arrived. The closest we got was some grey cloud that came and went as I walked. Here it looks a little 'threatening' behind St Pat's Cathedral- but it never led to any rain.

I took this photo 'just because' I loved the formations of these bushes.

And here are the signs of autumn arriving....

 some acorns in a gutter 

 some leaves starting to change colour on a tree

and a leaf already fallen...


  1. It looks very dry. Our trees are dropping leaves too, but more from heat stress more than autumn yet.

  2. It has been very dry- one of the warmest, driest summers I can remember. I suspect the leaves dropping are mostly due to heat/dryness as well, but there are a few autumnal changes I can't deny, even though I would like to!

  3. We are officially having a drought - but it must end soon. The mornings are getting quite cool, even if it does get up to 27 or 28 in the afternoons. The trees will start to change before long. Lovely pictures.

    1. Yes, it sounds troublingly dry up there. I think we are not far off having drought declared here. I am finding it quite hard to work in my classroom in the afternoons- it is so warm I want a siesta!

    2. I am lucky - I have airconditioning in my room. It would be unimaginably hot and stuffy without it!