Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday morning walk

I woke early enough for a walk just as the sun was rising this morning.

 It meant that there was that special early light on some of the buildings I passed. Usually there are lots of cars in the carpark in front of the supermarket, but this morning there was nothing to distract from the building frontage.

This unpretentious looking building in Palmy has been important as a 'nesting' place for many developing young band musicians. The Council cut its funding which was most unfortunate- but I think some of it has been reinstated recently.

 When you head out for a slow morning walk, camera in hand, you tend to notice interesting bits and pieces that usually you would just pass on by. I took lots of photos of signs when I was overseas- but actually, some of the signs close to home are interesting as well!

There were all sorts of things to notice downtown, that I probably just walk past normally. The artwork is a small section of what is painted on the YouthSpace wall. The various pipes were on a building at the end of Lombard St. And though this bike stands have been here for a while, I don't think I have seen a bike attached before- though I am certain one must have been!


Most places were closed- but as I reached the downtown area, lots of cafes were opening up. It reminded me of mornings in France....
 ...which was appropriate given the nature of this cafe.

The seats at this cafe closer to home were inviting- but I hadn't brought any cash with me.

 As I passed by the closed store frontages, I was reminded that this time last year I was packing, ready to leave for Paris right after Easter. And when I arrived I took a few photos of store windows with spring/summer fashions. Here at home of course it is autumn/winter clothes that decorate the windows.

And the last photo reminds me that I am home for all of 2013, that I will see autumn pass by into the fullness of winter. It seems hard to imagine after the long warm summer we have had- but inevitably, it will come to pass!

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