Sunday, March 24, 2013

Autumn hues

My Saturday morning walk had an 'autumn tinge' to it if I looked hard enough!

I loved the look of the light through these large leaves on one tree- just a few leaves of autumn while all the rest of the tree was decidedly green.

There is a garden area at the Esplanade that the gardeners plant especially for the butterflies, and it was full of monarchs. Some of them had rather ragged, faded wings though, as the season changes and their lives come to an end.

In the Peter Black Conservatory- always a place for some surprising flowers- I saw these healthy looking pitcher plants. Just a week or so ago I saw David Attenborough describe how these capture their insect prey, on 'Plants'.

The intricacy of fennel flowers always fascinates me- a mathematical pattern that goes on and on...

This fennel plant was by the riverside- and despite a bit of rain a week ago, the river is still quite low. We await the proper breaking of our drought.


  1. Lovely pics! Even your autumnal pics look for life filled and "springy" than my out of doors right now!! And they say there may be snow again this evening!!

    1. Seems like there is lots of snow in the UK, US and parts of the Camino Frances right now, much later than usual. I am quite glad I am not about to start walking as I think it could be rather cold!!!