Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Walk

Well, it's the third Monday of term, and the third wintry cold Monday- but at least we had sunshine on Sunday morning for a walk- added to by some blue blue winter skies.

I love the changing look of this shed with the light, and the crops in the field around it change with the seasons as well.

I take far too many photos of winter trees against the sky- but I just love the look of those bare branches, each tree so individual.

I'd just climbed up this hill that the lady with the dog is descending. It's steeper than it looks, and has quite a 'grunt' factor to it.

Back home, the sunshine was 'just right' on the cyclamens in the kitchen. This bulb was looking quite dead when I left the country mid-April, but I put it outside to experience the cold and wet- and it was clearly just what it needed to spark off new life again.


  1. Hi Margaret, and a belated welcome back! (BTW, I think you'll find our paths very nearly crossed if you check back in my blog. I also walked part of the Le Puy route again in May.)

  2. Well now that you are home, I will again get wonderful photos of Kiwi land! Thanks.