Saturday, July 21, 2012

Paris in Springtime

Two long plane trips had taken me from autumn at home in New Zealand and deposited me into springtime in Paris. I arrived on Friday morning and that afternoon I was meeting up with Liliane, a Camino friend from 2008, who helped me to get a pilgrim credential ready for my walk from Cluny.

Then she took me exploring in the Marais district in Paris, which was where she had grown up as a little girl. So she was very familiar with the Place des Vosges which was her favourite square in Paris.

Liliane showed me all sorts of places like this church, St Paul's, where she was married, the school she attended as a child, and where her childhood apartment was. I was very lucky to have such a personal guided tour- it was a lovely afternoon.

Next day I explored some more of Paris on my own. I always enjoy seeing the many varied styles of French restaurants (and eating in them!)

I wandered along the Seine, and heard some bells ringing. I thought there might be a wedding nearby, but it turned out to be a monastic community that was singing Office in one of Paris' many old churches- St Gervais St Protais -such a heavenly sound. Their Alleluias just soared into the arches- an unexpected 'pearl' on my walk.

 Paris is such an interesting city to wander in, full of so many sights, from bicycles... beautiful flower gardens... statues and fountains of varied kinds...

There was one other job I had to do before the weekend passed by: I wanted to buy a basic mobile and French SIM card. At the hostel they told me that Darty, an electronics shop just around the corner, would be a good place to try. And so it turned out to be:- the service I got there was excellent.


  1. Spring time in Paris! I love it! Thanks for lovely photos and comments.