Saturday, July 21, 2012

Singapore Flyer- 12 April

As part of my stopover package I was able to get free entry to a few places, and I decided to try the Singapore Flyer.
 When I drew near, the size of it loomed tall, and I was a bit intimidated by the height it would travel upwards.

 But it was all quite fascinating- and seeing how sturdily it was built was very interesting. I was in a capsule with two Danish men and two Russian women, so it felt quite international.

 And as we turned around slowly, there was a storm building up in the sky nearby. That was fascinating to watch from on high as well.
The first clap of thunder was quite something. It didn't start raining until I was about to leave the Flyer, but I stayed on the SIA Stopover bus until it was easing off.

I had a bit of a wander in Chinatown, and lunch.... then I hopped back on until we reached the Botanical Gardens.

And I finished off the afternoon with a swim in the hotel pool, which I had all to myself...

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