Wednesday, July 04, 2012

High above the globe

High above the globe

Just before 11pm Singapore Time.

It's an awfully long way back home! We have been moving towards 'night-time' since we left Paris at midday and soon it will overtake us for most of the rest of the journey, still more than seven and a half hours.

I love checking in on the flight info screens on the seatback. We've just cleared the Caspian Sea, and seem to be above Turkmenistan. We flew north of the Caucasus Mountains and now seem to be flying over very barren land, though there is what looks to be a greener area just south of us, perhaps a river delta.

11.30pm Sing. time

Now we are passing into what is dawn for this part of the world but effectively dusk for us, and the sky outside has a beautiful pinkish tinge.

3am Sing. time
Wide awake but so is most of the plane, as despite the dark skies outside, it's still an 'awake' time of the evening where we have come from in Paris. I have just watched a great movie set in India, with Dame Judi Dench and a bunch of other superb 'old' actors. The time passed quickly as I flew over India as it happened, and now we have left India behind and are over the Bay of Bengal.

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