Friday, May 09, 2008


Today I am having a "rest day" here in Moissac, where there is an old abbey building and cloister. I went to Lauds this morning and heard the nuns sing the office - quite a heavenly sound. I have just explored the cloister which has all sorts of sculpture. (Pilgrim price here too - cheaper- but all those kilometres of walking is a hard way to earn it!)
Yesterday was quite hilly to start with, and leaving Lauzerte was leaving the Lot catchment behind. Here in Moissac I will pass the confluence of the Garonne and the Tarn when I depart in the morning. Moissac is very much "on the flat" which is not something I have become used to. Tomorrow the path leaves by the Canal du Midi so it will be a "flat day" for a change.
I am staying two nights in a gite run by a lovely Irish couple, which is great as I can speak English for a change. They have a baby and yesterday evening I told the baby all about New Zealand while the parents cooked dinner. They had two Kiwis stay here just a few days ago, so the baby will be well educated about New Zealand!
Ok time to explore a little more. Happy Birthday Maureen if you don't get my postcard on time - I am going to post it soon! This afternoon I am looking forward to indulging my feet in the "foot spa" that they have at the gite!


  1. Enjoy your well-earned rest day Kiwi. I am off to Lapland on Tuesday so it may be a week or two before I can comment again (I think internet cafes are not too common up there). You will be in my thoughts as we wend our separate ways, one south, one north.

  2. I am exhausted reading this!