Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In Aire sur l'Adour

Well, I am a slow poke compared to many others, but I am gradually getting closer to Spain! Today marks five weeks since I left Le Puy.

From Eauze I moved to Nogoro; which has easily been the least inspiring town I have stayed in. No real heart to it, after staying in so many towns that still have their medieval squares at their heart. Plus I stayed at an odd gite, that was in a beautiful house, but the service didn't "feel right". Only an English couple and me there and they agreed. Could be a great gite run by someone else. (First two from England I have met- and I can add them to my English speakers score to make eight in five weeks!)

Last night I stayed in the countryside at gite duBarry. They are building a new gite, and meanwhile we found ourselves in a house. It was very relaxing there and we all felt very much 'at home.' I was with some new people, and three I have walked with often now, including Lyne and Denis from Quebec. We had a lovely meal with lots of scrummy veges.

Today I have arrived in Aire sur l'Adour after quite a short walk. There are a lot of pilgrims on the road in this area now, including lots of groups. I am staying in a lovely new gite set up by two former pilgrims, but Lyne and Denis found it hard to get a place; and the lady in the Tourist Office stayed for 20 minutes of her lunch hour ringing around to find them a place. My next job is to go and use the telephone cabine to try and make some more reservations, but I keep getting answerphones, which is tricky as they can't ring me back. (In another life I would definitely buy a portable phone in Paris to do this trek!)

There is a welcoming place set up for pilgrims in the Cathedral here so am about to go along there too; plus they have a blessing of pilgrims at 6pm. As we walked this morning we passed a little place that someone had set up for us to rest at. These efforts are always appreciated as you walk.

I am very well, though the mossies that are thriving in the muddy places under the trees seem to find me far too quickly! I hope to be in Spain by May 30th, but not sure what impact tight accommodation will have. Until next time!

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