Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well, well, well, ain't I doing well with the internet lately! There was quite a thunderstorm yesterday evening, followed by rain all this morning. But it was quite light rain, and it wasn't cold, and I quite enjoyed it! I stayed in the Relais St Jacques last night - in Montreal-du-Gers - with several others I have come to know quite well lately. My French has stopped improving as there are two Quebecois who have been practising their English with me, and who I look to for a translation when I don't understand. There was just one hard working lady doing most of the work where we stayed... as well as demi-pension for all of us, she serves a midday meal in the restaurant, so she doesn't get much of a break.

This morning we walked through lovely vineyards early on, getting greener quite quickly. A trifle muddy in places, but I have walked in worse! Then we got onto an old railway route where they have lifted the rails, so it was less muddy. I loved the peacefulness there under the trees, listening to the raindrops fall. (Would have been lovely shade on a hot afternoon!)

Had lunch under a kind of medieval arcade I have seen in a few places now. There was also a large school group sheltering, about 11- 12 years old. I relished the fact I never had to teach them!

Have had a slight recurrence of the ankle problem I had at home, but know how to stretch so need to do it. Also got a homeopathic product from the pharmacy. Was worried about how to explain what I wanted, but one of my French speaking buddies did the job for me!

It is supposed to be really wet here this weekend, then warm up to be quite hot. Oh joy! Who knows what will happen...
Time to go exploring again!


  1. Hello, Kiwi!
    I loved this post and this blog.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Hi Margaret. Your travels are inspiring. I love Medievil times, although I don't know a great deal about them. It is good to know where I should travel to, to find out more about those times and get a feel for them! Take great care of your feet and your calf muscles must be huge by now!
    Love, Liz Pym

  3. Thanks David! Weekend was nice... have been expecting heavy rain for days but it remains fine!
    Hi Liz! My calf muscles might be quite big, but they still have other covering!!! Have lost some weight though and my clothes are definitely on the baggy side!