Thursday, May 08, 2008


Today I had a shorter walk to Lauzerte, a village that has an abundance of medieval buildings. I had grown a bit used to the flatter tracks of the past few days and wasn't quite prepared for a few climbs, even though they were much easier ones that I met earlier on the Chemin! (I know enough French: I should have known that 'Mont' in the name of a village meant a climb!)
Mud was there in a few places today, but it was not as pervasive or as clinging as yesterday's. There was quite a lot of bush shelter on the path, but when the sun came out I could tell from its heat that I have arrived more in the south of France.
A lot of wheat is grown in this area and it looked wonderful as the wind blew through it. With ploughing done on some fields, and wheat and other crops in other fields, it was a fascinating patchwork.
I arrived near 1pm without having eaten as the track was a bit muddy, then I saw the village of Lauzerte loom high on a hill above me. My heart sank a little. But then I discovered a restaurant right near the corner, and had the pelerin's menu. The climb up the gite then became quite simple!
The gite is one some others recommended to me, Les Figuiers, and the welcome was very warm. As there are a lot of people on the road who started May 1, the place is full, and as a woman on her own I have been privileged to be given a bed in the house itslef with my own toilet. It is not the first time I have been spoiled like this either! I can't speak highly enough of the welcome in so many gites.
Lauzerte village has many restored medieval buildings, and was well worth some time exploring; and the lemonade in the cafe in the Square was pretty good too! The view from the top over the countryside was amazing.Tomorrow I go to Moissac where I am staying two nights in a gite run by an Irish couple. Longer walk again tomorrow to get there.
Catch you again soon I hope!


  1. It's great to follow your progress.

    I am afraid something has come up and I may not be able tyo get to the Pyrenees after all. I will keep you posted.

  2. I think I might hit the Pyrenees late May - early June....; so would be past where you are headed before you got there. Though you never know!