Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Westport, Co Mayo

Yesterday I left Limerick, feeling a little as though there was more to see that I hadn't seen, but the hostel was on the dearer side (though it was friendly, clean, and nice to have a single room for a couple of nights for a change!)

I passed through Galway which has been too busy for backpackers to get bookings in lately as there has been an Arts Festival and a week of races. People are starting to go there now, but I have decided to bypass it and I just had a quick walk around in between buses. There was a pleasant river/canal walk. At a market I spoke to one of the stall-holders. He picked my accent as Kiwi, and it turned out he lived in the town of my birth in Taranaki for seven months!!!!!! How is that for chance! I also saw the Catholic cathedral which was a very beautiful building, with rounded stone arches and exquisite stained glass.

I arrived in Westport, in Co Mayo the land of my Burkes, late afternoon, and am in a lovely hostel just on the edge of town. It was hard to find though and I badly overshot it and walked far further than I needed to with my heavy pack on my back! From my hostel bedroom I look out over Croagh Patrick which was clearly in view.

Westport was a very pleasant place to walk around and not too busy yesterday afternoon. Hilly though in places! And this morning I aim to climb Croagh Patrick where the path seems to climb quite steeply, so it might be a challenge as my bike fitness has largely gone now!

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