Sunday, August 27, 2006

Still lazy!

I have to admit, I have still been lazy. I have been having a holiday after my holiday! I didn't really have too many slow days in Europe but I have made up for it this week. Watching Tv, spending time on the internet, sleeping in.....
But this afternoon I am going to get a wee bit more active again. We are heading up to Seremban, not too far from Kuala Lumpur. So I am about to pack my bag. Nice to be able to pack a small backpack instead of my large one!
This morning I went into town on the bus to go to 10am Mass at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. As it turned out, the bus stop was right across the street from the church, which is always helpful in the heat. But today it wasn't the heat that was the issue, it had started pouring with rain. First rain since I have been here. But at the pedestrian crossing near the lights, a lady realised I did not have an umbrella and sheltered me to get over the road under hers, which I much appreciated. She then went into the church as well. The music at this Mass was wonderful, and if I am back in Singapore for next Sunday, I will go again!

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