Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lazy days in Singapore

I know the Singapore Tourist Board won't want to hear this, but I have been enjoying some very lazy days in Singapore while I get over jet lag! I did enjoy some retail therapy on my birthday when I did the expected tourist thing and purchased my new digital camera. Then yesterday I experimented with it around the apartment block where my friend lives. The building shapes actually look quite effective when you capture bits of them on screen.
Yesterday evening I met my friend after work and we went to the Esplanade Theatre complex where we ate at an outdoor foodhall with delicious and cheap food. The views over the water to the buildings were quite spectacular. Guess what though, no camera with me, so we are going back tonight!
At dinner another friend of his was talking about an educational conference she is going to in Auckland, paid for by her school. Hmmm. E-mailed the thought of such an experience I could organise for myself to my boss and got told, predictably, "Yeah Right!" Tui really does have a lot to answer for. (Sorry only Kiwis will really get this!)
Today I was going to get active first thing in the morning. Jetlag clearly still has hold of my body and had other ideas. Slept three hours last night, spent the next three hours wide awake, then went back to sleep and never woke until nearly 11am. And this is me who is usually such an early bird up with the larks. Tomorrow will have to be the early day!

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