Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Birthday Girl

Ok ok so I am not going to say how old I am, but I am a birthday girl in Singapore. Thanks to those of you who knew and who sent me birthday e-mails! I started the day feeling quite jetlagged so decided to have a quiet-ish day. Took a short walk to the local supermarket. Felt too tired to read the newspaper I bought, so went back to bed at midday ( not what you are supposed to do with jetlag I know!) and set the alarm for two hours later. Woke up feeling much better and quite refreshed.
Set off for town where I met up with my friend and went shopping. A very Singaporean thing to do believe me! I had managed to break my digital camera when I dropped it not long before I left New Zealand. Decided to replace it. Went into a couple of stores in a huge electronics plaza to get an idea of what was what. Met a couple of quite pushy male salesmen but remained non-commital. Then on a higher floor of the plaza, came across a lovely woman. (She has obviously worked out that 'pushy' doesn't work with some of us!) Decided to buy myself a birthday present then and there. Got an excellent demo of its features from a young man in the store. Plus I will get a small tourist tax refund. I have never spent enough before to be eligible for such a thing.
My friend and I then went out to dinner for my birthday in a very pleasant place. A pleasant birthday in a foreign land, and managed to get over jetlag at the right time to enjoy it!


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  2. hi Birthday Gal.. Though me dont know u.. but "Wishing you a very very happy returns of the day"

    Belated Happy Birthday. May you get what all you want and may all your dreams come true. Hope u had a great fun on your bday.