Friday, October 02, 2015


Full day in Rotorua today, but the day began with rain... So I turned on TV and caught the France-Canada game. Well played by the Canadians- it was a close game until near the end. First game I have watched, as the motel has Sky, but at home I don't...

Despite the rain I had decided today would be a geothermal day, and as it turns out, lots of overseas tourists had the same idea. I went to Wai-o-Tapu last time I was in Rotorua and thought I might go to Whakarewarewa this time, but that place has been split in two, and one look at the price made me change my mind...

I stopped at the Wai-o-Tapu mud pools first. With the rain coming down, there was lots of steam, and the mud was wet and dramatic looking. (Amazing how you can still take photos with an umbrella up!)

I have always loved the drama in the landscape at Wai-o-Tapu, and I was glad to discover that in springtime the colours seemed even more dramatic. Maybe they look brighter without too much sunshine?

I have seen the Champagne Pools quite a few times now, and they still take my breath away.

There is quite an ethereal feel to it all, especially with fewer people around.

The colour of Lake Ngakoro quite took my breath away. I had never seen it so emerald green.

I paid a bit of attention to the bird life on Frying Pan flat. I wonder if the pied stilts have a nest somewhere... Meanwhile they seem to walk amongst the thermal activity with impunity...

And there were finches eating up large from the ground as well.

Devil's Bath was another pool that took my breath away: I had never seen it this green.

I finished my visit by stopping at the Wai-o-tapu tavern for lunch. It was a quiet day in there because of the rain... And this evening I had a very relaxing soak in the adult pools at the Polynesian Spa complex. We kiwis were an endangered breed there! But I'll be back tomorrow evening for another dose!
Now, the All Blacks play at 7am tomorrow I am told. So the motel Sky will see service again in the morning, so I had better climb into bed now...


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