Thursday, October 01, 2015

Taupo on the Barbery.

I'm indulging myself a little on this trip, and decided I'd be a 'tourist' here in Taupo- and I booked a trip on the yacht Barbery, a beautiful vessel that is coming up for its 90th birthday next year.

Our captain was Sarah, who had a great sense of humour, and lots of knowledge. She motored us out of the channel, then hoisted the sails once we reached some deeper water.


The views were stunning, and we soon got this superb view of Tauhara looming above the town of Taupo.

Here's the other yacht company out on pretty much the same journey as us. We sailed back to the marina pretty much in tandem.

We dipped in close to shore at Acacia Bay.

When we got to the area where the Maori carvings were, you could see all the ignimbrite cliffs from the first super volcano explosion of Taupo- which was bigger that Yellowstone's big eruption I was surprised to know.

The carvings were surprisingly modern, but as we were told, early Maori inhabitants didn't usually carve stone so never had those tools.

Sarah showed us on the chart how far we had come. It felt so far but was just one little corner of the lake- about 6% of its area. (The little 'arm' closest to the bottom right here.)

Coming back we had a bit more breeze. And our side tipped down. No wet feet though. But I don't quite know how people stay on board if the wind gets rougher. Yachties must have strength I don't!

All too quickly it seemed, we were back in the marina. We had been on the water for more than two and a half hours, but time had passed quickly by.

Thanks 'Barbs' as Sarah called the boat.



  1. Wow, the more I see of New Zealand the more I want to visit! If I could get hubby to go elsewhere besides France and Florida, we would be there tomorrow!

    1. I'll be in the South Island at Christmastime Michèle, so will give you more to tempt him with them!