Thursday, October 01, 2015

Taupo morning

I woke this morning to a peaceful lake view from the motel, (minus the mountains which stayed covered with cloud.)

It was very peaceful over the road by the lakeside as well. What a great way to start the morning.

The motel owners were very friendly, (Executive Motel) and told me I could park there for the morning while I went sailing if I wanted to. But I decided to head down to the wharf area, and it was easy to find a park. I think there are many advantages to visiting Taupo outside the main summer season!

Once I was sure I knew where the Barbery was going to depart from, I headed off along the lake front nearby. Straight away I recognised this little beach: I'd shared a fish and chips tea here with a friend and her wee ones- and a summer crowd...

I saw people getting ready for the new tourist day. This float plane taxied around from its mooring.

This gate had pride of place. The plaque described how it was carved by Tene Waitere in 1927/28 and was donated by the Reid family.

I couldn't get over how friendly everyone was in Taupo. Even overseas tourists were saying hello along the lake front. Then I discovered this place, Replete Cafe, several blocks back from the shore. The staff were so welcoming that I felt as if I was having breakfast at a friend's place.

As I headed back to catch the yacht trip, I walked a different way. When I saw this view I wondered if this was where the Waikato River left Lake Taupo. Turns out it was.


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