Saturday, June 14, 2014

Trying out Strava

No long walks are on the horizon in the foreseeable future, but general fitness (or lack thereof) calls for some more walking! I am keen to take advantage of some modern technology and record some distances and altitude changes. Today I had a go using the Strava App, even though I wasn't going too far from home. What I liked about this app over Map My Walk was that it sensed when I wasn't walking- ie taking photos!- and it deducted that from the time, without me having to fish out the phone and put a 'pause' on it. Turned out that I walked a 4km circuit, going from my place, to Memorial Park, then to New World, then home.

The sun was shining, and it was very calm, so once I reached Memorial Park I got some good reflection photos in the small lake.

The gardener's  shed was enjoying the best of the winter afternoon sun. I know that my house is well positioned for sunshine, but as I walked today I was surprised to see how many modern units seemed to be built with garage/road as the prime consideration, even though the living areas then had minimal sunshine.

 Fungi were well placed here to take advantage of the rotting tree stump.

 I know this shot is a bit 'odd' as the duck is looking away from me- but I just loved the texture and colours of the feathers.

 And as I mentioned, the reflections today were stunning. 

Feather on the pond

And here you can see reflections as I leave via the Fitzroy St entrance, which is currently being worked on.
There is a memorial to those whose lives have been lost or affected as a result of workplace conditions- and it is now more obvious with the changes they are making to the entrance.
 And finally a 'dairy photo' - following a tradition set by Marcus Lush as he walks 'skirting Auckland'.

So- what's next? I think I need to check out the altitude capabilities of Strava next- which means climbing a few more hills!


  1. Great pictures Margaret!

    1. Thanks Lyne. I find I am thinking of all my Camino companions at present. June is for Spain! I have to admit I have wanderlust. Am reading the blog of a Kiwi family embarked on a huge adventure, and they have just walked the Salvador route from Leon to Ovideo. That's definitely now on my list of walks to do!