Sunday, June 29, 2014

Down by the Riverside

Sunday mornings I sometimes go to an AquaZumba class at 10am at the Lido- then if the weather is pleasant, I might wander across to the Esplanade for a walk. Today I had just such a wander- and the Esplanade always has treasures, whatever the season.

I began by walking along the river pathway- which has been improved in recent years to allow easier access for many more people- cyclists, pedestrians, families with young children...

There was a definite winter look to the path today, with shadows still deep on parts of the path itself with the sun still so low in the sky.

New signage helps people keep track of where they are relative to entry-exit points all along the pathway.

After walking just past the bridge, I took the path back via the Esplanade, where some early magnolias are already blooming. Beautiful. 


  1. OK, so winter has barely begun down under in kiwiland and already the magnolias are blooming?? I would love a short winter like that!

    1. In your terms Michèle, our's wouldn't even be called a winter! We actually had a surprisingly mild June, but it has turned 'cold' now we are into July- ie about 10C daytime for a few days, and close to 0C night-time. OK, I know you are not at all sorry for me, but I find this quite cold!

    2. Well, no I can't say that 0C at night is really cold. But I must confess that we have rented in Florida for next winter. Don't particularly want to spend another winter of -30C in daytime!