Saturday, May 31, 2014

Downtown Palmy

It's a long weekend here in NZ, and it seems like we are to have sunshine for all three days of it here in Palmerston North. I decided to have a 'lazy day', and just take a wander downtown. Here are a few photos taken along the route...

The Emmanuel church seems to have a congregation made up mainly of Pacific Islanders. I am quite intrigued by various details on the building front, including this glass cross that becomes more visible once nearby trees lose their leaves for winter.

 There's been a makeover on the front of a local optometrist's building. Quite eye-catching.

 As I walked past St Pat's Cathedral, it was the shadow cast by this tree that caught my eye.

 Cafes are found downtown in all sorts of odd buildings, this one a former garage. Really, I haven't been in many of them, so maybe it is time to visit a few.

I have visited this cafe for a meal, on an enjoyable staff night out.

 Paul Dibble's Pacific Monarch guards the entrance to the art part of Te Manawa.

 And looking back away from Te Manawa the sun, low in the sky as we leave autumn for winter, shone beautifully through trees with the last of their autumn leaves.

 I have mixed feelings about these coloured banners in the Square, but there is no doubt they add brightness.
This series of city drain-covers with depictions of native fauna and flora always catch my eye. They are a special feature is the city infrastructure where art meets utility. Now I find I search out drain-covers when I travel...

 There are so many points of interest in the Square, and I always love seeing the sculptures around the Marae area in different lights. How unfortunate that nearby we now have an ugly 'temporary' bus terminal /parking area smack bang in the middle of the Square- that surely detracts from the pedestrian-friendly nature of the rest of it.

This grove of cabbage trees frames All Saints in the background- an Anglican church that is presently closed while earthquake safety concerns are thought about. (Presently it only meets 3% of the earthquake code, and it is the kind of brick church building that collapsed in Christchurch.)

 The City Council building provides a 'mirror', reflecting tourists taking photos of each other around the Butterfly lakelets.

 Against blue skies, this white statue of Te Peeti Te Awe Awe always stands out beautfully.

Finally I reached the main shopping mall, that has taken over and left much of the rest of the CBD shopping dead. Sad. I only bought a key there from the locksmith inside, and quickly left for the sunshine outside again. But despite my feelings about shopping there, I like seeing the contrasts in its frontage.

And that was it- my pottering downtown was over. But two more days remain in this weekend. Maybe it will be a beach walk tomorrow...

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