Friday, May 23, 2014

Overnight in Raetihi

Last weekend was a time of celebration for my youngest sister, who was having her '2nd 25th' birthday. I drove north to Raetihi to mark the occasion. Sunny, calm weather delighted us.

As I arrived in Waiouru, I was greeted by the sight of Ruapehu covered with quite a large coating of snow. It has seemed so warm at home for so much of May that this quite took me by surprise.
I knew very little about Raetihi, and as I arrived there from Ohakune, I was surprised by this Ratana church on a hill- in quite a dramatic position.
I had been told the party was a 'bbq', so had thankfully packed what had appeared to be excessive 'layers'. After some special home made pâté on French bread indoors, we headed outside into the dark, to sit on chairs around a warming brazier, with candles lighting the dark. I used all my 'superfluous' layers of clothing!
We sat under the stars while various kebab concoctions cooked, and later the moon rose as we ate. Meanwhile mist was hovering about the grass. It felt cold, and we could tell frost was arriving!

Sure enough, next morning dawned with a frost- and it was time for a walk outside to enjoy it.
My new car certainly had its baptism of frost!

We were staying on a rural edge of Raetihi, and I wandered off down George St with camera in hand. All along the way, autumn trees and leaves were lit by the morning sunlight, and all was peaceful and beautiful.

Even the local cemetery looked beautiful in the autumnal sunlit frost.

The moon still hung large in the clear sky.
There were icy autumn leaves fallen in many places, just to please the photographer's wish for a slow gentle walk...

And there were fungi beside the path.

As the sun rose, the air temperature felt quite warm, but with frost still on the ground, I imagine these sheep were glad of their thick woollen coats.

Before long I was back 'home' for breakfast. But signs of the event the night before still lay around...

Congratulations to my littlest sis on the splendid occasion of your 50th- ooops I mean 2nd 25th!


  1. I went through Raetihi last Saturday on my way to Palmerston North. It was gone in less than two minutes. But I was impressed with their sports domain. Didn't see the church - don't know why, but I was driving.
    I like your photos. Well captured. And the mountain did look gorgeous.

    1. The church was on a hill on the left hand side as you entered Raetihi from the direction of Ohakune. It jumped straight out at me- unmissable... But having seen some Ratana churches in Northland in January, I guess it 'rang a bell' for me.