Saturday, December 08, 2012

Highland Pipers in the Square

Early in December each year there is a gathering of Highland pipers in the Square here in Palmy, and I took a wander down there this morning. They must have been relieved that 'summer' weather had finally arrived as it was a lovely day for it. And since I have recently posted quite a few photos from Auckland, and Christchurch, far from home, I thought it was time to post 'local'.

 The sculptures around the 'marae' always intrigue me.

 The butterfly lakelets are one of my favourite spots in the Square, 
and at present the roses near it look magnificent.

 This sculpture by Paul Dibble, of the extinct Huia, is another of his precious works in the city.

 There is a 'pall' hanging over this landmark on the edge of the Square, All Saints church.
It has been discovered to have very low strength for a major earthquake and will be closed soon- 
until it can be decided if strengthening is affordable. 

 I love wandering through the Square on Highland Pipes Day- 
you get to hear and see groups from all round the country practising and performing.

And on the way home I saw a Tui ad I agreed with. Often I find their billboards sexist, and sometimes offensive- obviously I am not their target demographic. But a Jetstar ad, I could identify with...


  1. The roses against the backdrop of the lake look wonderful. A little pipe music goes a long way.

    1. The roses look so good at present Andrew I could have made a whole post about just them... lol@ a little pipe music- yes, you could hear it from way back- but one day a year it is very special in the Square.

  2. I like the photos of Palmy the best, it seems to be a very pretty city and it gives me an idea of where you live! Thanks Margaret!


    1. Nada. Mon plaisir. De rien. (Or is that the wrong idiom? My brain has lost its think-in-French skill again!)

  3. I so love the pipes - they stir my Celtic blood with their plaintive tones.

    It's great to see photos of Palmy. I spent 8 months living nearby in 2008, and used to visit PN at least once a week - for its excellent library, and to get some decent coffee.

    1. The library is such a treasure, in so many ways. I don't drink coffee but have a few favourite places in town for hot chocolate!