Sunday, March 25, 2012

subtle autumn

It is all a wee bit strange at present, noticing just the first changes of autumn around me. So far, the changes have mainly been quite subtle, though in places the deciduous trees are starting to look more obviously autumnal. The strangeness comes from the fact that I know when I reach Paris in less than three weeks now, I am going to be plunged headlong into spring, with blossoms blooming, and leaves budding out in spring green. But then when I start walking at a higher altitude, I will 'step back' again towards winter where some trees might still be quite bare.

But for now, I am still home in the southern hemisphere, in the subtle part of autumn. Out walking this morning I even saw a tree in full blossom- a native lacebark, which rather unusually does flower profusely in autumn.

And back home in my garden, I looked at the magnolia that is the first garden tree to blossom when the spring arrives. Its leaves are only just showing the first signs of autumnal browning, but when I looked closely, I was surprised to see the buds that will burst forth in a few months time are already forming.

This blog will have a little hiatus soon. For those of you who want to follow a little of my exploits in France, I will try and blog when I can at another blog, Festina Lente.


  1. These photos, especially the first, look more like Spring. Here the temperatures have gone back to seasonal +8 celsius after a full week in the mid-20s.


  2. I have been watching the temperatures in France- Paris, Dijon, Le Puy, Geneva- and they have all been up around the 20 mark for most of the last two weeks. It makes me want to take fewer layers, but I know that would be a mistake, as I know I had snow late April last time. I hope it does end up being cold enough so I need to wear my layers, not carry them!