Thursday, November 24, 2011

328: river high

The rain stopped and the sunshine finally returned this afternoon- but the river is running fast and high...
and hrmmmmphhh the forecast is for gale force winds tomorrow.


  1. The water is grey. I remember learning why the Fox? River runs grey, but I forget now. Is it fine sediment?

  2. Well let's hope you don't have the flooding that Québec had last Spring with the Richelieu River.


  3. Andrew it looks kind of grey in this photo- but it is more a dirty brown colour. It is always brown but is carrying a huge amount of sediment and logs and trees with this heavy rain. I never quite understand why the brown colour rather than clear as in the east coast of the South Island. Michèle, hopefully we won't get floods. The river gets this high a couple of times a year perhaps- and it has nothing to do with snow melt- purely the amount of rain we had.