Sunday, November 06, 2011

310: eucalyptus trunk

I was out walking again today, on the walkways near Summerhill Drive, getting my hill practice in. Was planning on a three hour trek, but in the end with the drizzle I settled for two- and it feels like I had a good workout. There is a lot of hill walking needed before I leave town next April!


  1. I loved the odour of eucalyptus when we walked in Galicia! Arlette and I had done very little hill climbing in our practice and we were quite taken aback by the hills in France! Good for you practicing before.


  2. Francis and Elisabeth have told me that the hills on the Cluny route are much bigger - up and down - than what you get on the rest of the route from Le Puy. I thought the first few days out of Le Puy were hilly enough! And now I have seen the contours on a map for the first day climb out of Cluny- so I know I have to get fitter on lots of hills!